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The difference between brand loyalty and brand preference

The word “brand” is probably the most abused word in marketing today. You’ll hear it being bandied about in almost every marketing discussion, with everyone assuming that everyone else knows exactly what it means. And it’s taken as accepted wisdom that it is the job of marketing to create brand loyalty. Well, it’s not.

But before we get into why it isn’t, we need to define our terms. I define the term “brand” from the customer’s perspective, as:

A set of experiences with a company that are transformed and codified into an attitude towards the company’s products, services, etc.

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Cost of English to the Indian Product Industry

The IT and IT Enabled Services boom in India over the past two decades was possible, in large part, because of the general proficiency of our engineers with the English language. In this time India’s IT exports grew from  $130 Mn in 1990 to $70 Bn in 2012, giving hope and opportunity to the educated middle classes and partly fuelling a dramatic turnaround in our country’s fortunes in that time period.

But English – that wonderful gift of our colonial masters – also has an interesting negative influence on the domestic IT product ecosystem. Humour me here for a bit. 

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CareZone – Stay organized while caring for your loved ones

EDIT Jan 20, 2014: I sent Jonathon Schwartz a link to this blog post and received a prompt response over email. I have edited the text of this post in a few places to point out some the issues he raised. He was kind enough to offer a fuller demo, which I have accepted. I will update this post after that as well. For now go to the end of the post for a fuller discussion of his comments.

Care Zone LogoCareZone is a company run by Jonathon Schwartz – the former CEO of Sun. At first glance it appears like yet another crack at solving the Personal Health Records (PHR) problem. The PHR space has been a tough domain for companies to get a grip on, with even well funded attempts like Google Health being forced to shut shop, while still leaving other behemoths with deep pockets like Microsoft HealthVault to contend with. So what is this upstart all about, and is it worth your time? Let’s take a look.

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