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Why don’t companies care about job applicants?

Every CEO worth her salt gushes over how her employees are the company’s biggest assets. Every HR department swears by how talent makes all the difference to a company’s fortunes. Yet the most enduring mystery in Recruitment has been how indifferent almost all large companies are to Candidate Experience at the ‘top of the funnel’.

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The web app that made information free

[ This article was written for a general audience, and originally appeared in the OpEd pages of The Hindu, dated 03 April 2015 ]

In 1990, Encyclopaedia Britannica recorded its largest annual sales. A mere 2 decades later, the brand had decided to stop printing copies of its eponymous product. Its audience had not only moved online, but moved to other sources altogether. It was an astonishingly rapid decline for a brand that held pride of place in intellectual traditions of the English-speaking world for nearly 250 years. Behind this change in consumer preference were the usual suspects: affordable PCs and broadband Internet access in homes. There was also an additional, if much less celebrated, technology that did Britannica in — the humble Wiki, which is the technology that powers Wikipedia, the open encyclopedia that anyone with an Internet connection can edit and improve.

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Learn from Bezos how to acquire customers while you announce a price hike

There are many things to be said about the recently announced price hike for Amazon Prime . Not least of them is the brilliant messaging on their homepage. Jeff Bezos, take a bow.

Announcing the hike in Amazon Prime membership fee.

Announcing the hike in Amazon Prime membership fee.

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