Schemer LogoLast Saturday Google announced it is shuttering Schemer. Schemer was launched with the aim to “inspire people to do more awesome stuff” – a noble endeavour. So I signed up early with the help of an invite from a friend who works at Google. Even back then it felt weirdly incomplete for a Google product launch . “Prove the continuum hypothesis”, I entered into my Schemes. No surprise I got little help from my friends or Google on that one. But less ambitious schemes like ‘Learn Ruby’ languished similarly.

It felt absurd to keep telling Google what I wanted to do, only to find nothing happened in response! Here was a product that had near zero user gratification.  I only hoped they would do something in time. They eventually added some Google+ integration and text search, but clearly nothing that would rock my world and had already lost me by that time. If only they had taken the next step – actually help users to do those some of the things they expressed a desire for, that would have made this a meaningful webapp. For e.g., it would have been awesome if I were recommended a Ruby beginner’s resource, or was notified of some upcoming free Ruby courses on Coursera, or anything remotely along those lines. But no, nothing of the sort was done.

I am not surprised Schemer went nowhere with that feature set. But I am disappointed they did not try to take it anywhere and threw in the towel.